Thursday, May 19, 2011

Julia Peres VS Dewi Persik

The trial of alleged cases of abuse committed byJulia Perez to the Dewi Persik held again. Having previously delayed twice by reason of illness presiding judge, ultimately the judges who previously led by Jesayas Tarigan SH, starting on Wednesday, chairman of the judges are replaced by S. Donatus SH.

Julia VS Dewi

Agenda of the session this time still hear witness testimony from the Public Prosecutor. The first witness was the complainant call, in this case is Dewi Persik.

Dewi Persik wear a purple shirt sitting in the witness asked to tell a chronological event to the judges. Lengthy owners 'Shake Saw' is revealed chronological events that originated from the set of “ARWAH GOYANG KARAWANG” film making.

The unique incident occurred when Dewi Persik not only answered the questi on the judge's words, but also by demonstrating when he and Julia Perez involved action fights. Not only the spectators who smiled, Julia Perez also smile.

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