Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jenifer Lopez Gave Twin birth

In this time she become one who most happy people in the world. This pop music star just birth the twin baby, boy and woman. Bearing to look-after child are first with her husband, bird in North Shore University hospital on Friday ( 22/ 2/2008), baby of actress Woman / this singer born at 12.12 midnight of local time by weighing 2,47 kg and after 11 minute later; then, its boy baby birth propose at 12.23 weighing 2,72 kg.

Delegation, Simon Fields tell, and very like, happy, and happy This couple have been long enough waited for to have to look-after child, till finally announce the this singer moment pregnancy perform its concert in Miami, the Strait of Florida last year. His father confirmation that his daughter medium contains the twin baby at January; moon then. Informed by enter the hospital on Wednesday ( 20 / 2) then and middle rumor draw up its birth. The Twin baby - what in this time not yet been announced by its name - representing fourth child from star of this pop singer Jenifer Lopez.

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