Monday, October 16, 2017

Julia Peres VS Dewi Persik

Remembering of Julia Peres that already died this year?

The trial of alleged cases of abuse committed byJulia Perez to the Dewi Persik held again. Having previously delayed twice by reason of illness presiding judge, ultimately the judges who previously led by Jesayas Tarigan SH, starting on Wednesday, chairman of the judges are replaced by S. Donatus SH.

Julia Peres - Dewi Persik

Agenda of the session this time still hear witness testimony from the Public Prosecutor. The first witness was the complainant call, in this case is Dewi Persik.

Dewi Persik wear a purple shirt sitting in the witness asked to tell a chronological event to the judges. Lengthy owners 'Shake Saw' is revealed chronological events that originated from the set of “ARWAH GOYANG KARAWANG” film making.

The unique incident occurred when Dewi Persik not only answered the questi on the judge's words, but also by demonstrating when he and Julia Perez involved action fights. Not only the spectators who smiled, Julia Perez also smile.

Last Film Stars:

Avatar Film

Avatar film is a fiction film include on futuristic type of film, the condition is set in future the year of 2154. As on the film drawn that the Earth’s is inhabitants, having used up most of their natural resources through decades of living in excess, plan to use military force to conquer Pandora, a moon roughly the same size as Earth.

On the film tell that there are certain group of people called as Pandora, inhabited by a wise, peaceful, and respect to nature. These people are drawn with a blue skin called the Na’vi that rich of resources on their area on Earth.

As usual then there are an enemy that want to take their resources like on the real condition that already happened now, America attack to Iraq because Iraq have many resource of oil, something like that. The army sends a crew to attack Na’vi use by guns, bombs, and other sophisticated weaponry. There are no special story on this film as usual then there are a group of people that sympathize to Na’vi after becoming acquainted with them and their customs, one of the human controlled avatars becomes a turncoat and helps lead the people of Pandora in defense their homeland.

Other Films:

The Girls Next Door

The Girl Next Door as a free Spirited Girl

The old film on the year of 2004, that stars by High school senior president Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) is about to graduate and enter Georgetown University, when a beautiful girl moves next door. Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) is house-sitting her aunt's house for the next two weeks. Matthew has been an over-achiever his whole life. Danielle, on the other hand, is a porn star. The movie is about opposite worlds colliding. Matthew wants to go into politics and must maintain a proper and spotless life. Danielle is a free spirited girl who tries to break Matthew out of his shell. Matthew discovers that in life you may have to risk everything for the girl you love. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy). See her photo below:
Girl next door

Elisa cuthbert


The Girl Next Door is a story of an intelligent and very ambitious High School Senior who has never experienced any type of personal exciting or thrilling event. His life, up to this point, has been preparing for his future of attending Georgetown University and eventually following his dream of becoming president. Although he is happy for being accepted to the school of his dreams, he feels unfulfilled and longs to do or achieve something outrageous as he sees his fellow students doing. This all changes when the girl of his dreams moves in next door. At first sight of her, he is astounded by her beauty and style. They then meet under humorous circumstances when he is seen by her, watching her through his bedroom window. She possesses the ability to make him take risks and do the things that he never believed that he could allow himself to do. Slowly they begin to see each other and fall in love. This again changes when he discovers that her former profession, which she avoids mentioning, lies in the adult film industry. More conflicts arise when she is persuaded, by her prior producer, return to the business.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Anna Gilbert – Musician

If you search on internet you can be mixed up with Anna C. Gilbert, she is a mathematics professor, who graduated from Michigan University.

Anna Gilbert is American musician born in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She was the winner of “Inspiration Artist of the year” for competition on 2007 and 2009 of National Momentum Awards on in Nashville. She creates music and lyrics by herself, and sell music album, she become very famous in United States because her music.

Anna Karina Gilbert
Anna Karina Gilbert

The most famous Artiest is Anna Karina Gilbert, an artist from Indonesia, who search by 20,000 people in the world just want to know what her doing is. Anna Karina Gilbert is a television artist film who staring in Jilbab in Love film. Continuous TV film that shows in RCTI will start at 27 October 2014. The film is adopt from novel Aisyah Putri that created by Asma Nadia. Anna Karina Gilbert is a very cute girl. Want this girl, please subscribe first .....

She is very beauty, young, and genius....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Selena Gomez Got Lupus Disease

Selena Gomez Got Lupus Disease

The news I got that Selena Gomez got Lupus a diseases as I know still don’t have a cured defectively. A pity young pretty girl with music talents have this disease. Her body cannot differentiate between its own healthy tissue and foreign invaders.

Lupus is attact an autoimmune system, so tragic condition patient with this disease need kidney replacement. On this case Selena do kidney transplantation that is given by her soulmate Francia Rasia.

According to the National Institutes of Health, symptoms of lupus nephritis include swelling in the legs, feet, ankles and face; muscle pain and fever.

Doctors measure kidney function by testing blood and urine for creatine, a waste product generated by normal muscle breakdown. Failing kidneys aren't able to remove it efficiently, causing rising creatine levels.

From there, a kidney biopsy is performed in order to examine the filtration cells to detect damage and gauge its severity.

Herbal medicine for Lupus

The Detail of Lupus Disease and actually there is herbal medicine for this disease, you can read on my other article: Lupus Disease Medicine