Selena Gomez Got Lupus Disease

Selena Gomez Got Lupus Disease

The news I got that Selena Gomez got Lupus a diseases as I know still don’t have a cured defectively. A pity young pretty girl with music talents have this disease. Her body cannot differentiate between its own healthy tissue and foreign invaders.

Lupus is attact an autoimmune system, so tragic condition patient with this disease need kidney replacement. On this case Selena do kidney transplantation that is given by her soulmate Francia Rasia.

According to the National Institutes of Health, symptoms of lupus nephritis include swelling in the legs, feet, ankles and face; muscle pain and fever.

Doctors measure kidney function by testing blood and urine for creatine, a waste product generated by normal muscle breakdown. Failing kidneys aren't able to remove it efficiently, causing rising creatine levels.

From there, a kidney biopsy is performed in order to examine the filtration cells to detect damage and gauge its severity.

Herbal medicine for Lupus

The Detail of Lupus Disease and actually there is herbal medicine for this disease, you can read on my other article: Lupus Disease Medicine

Anna Gilbert – Musician

If you search on internet you can be mixed up with Anna C. Gilbert, she is a mathematics professor, who graduated from Michigan University.

Anna Gilbert is American musician born in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She was the winner of “Inspiration Artist of the year” for competition on 2007 and 2009 of National Momentum Awards on in Nashville. She creates music and lyrics by herself, and sell music album, she become very famous in United States because her music.

Anna Karina Gilbert
Anna Karina Gilbert

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Kim Kadarsian

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Aura Kasih Sexy Girl

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Mine for Tonight - The Billionaire's Obsession

Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she's never met. Will the handsome, alpha billionaire really be a solution to her problems, or will he end up being a major complication and a danger

to her emotional sanity? Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson would rather be behind a computer creating computer games than rubbing elbows with the elite and he knows exactly what he wants...until he meets Kara Foster. Something about Kara touches Simon in ways he's never experienced and definitely doesn't like. For over a year, Simon watches over Kara, but stubbornly refuses to admit his desire to possess her, not even to himself. But when she ends up in a situation that could very well be her destruction, Simon steps up to help her, not realizing that in saving Kara, he might very well be salvaging his own soul.