Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Proposal - Star by Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock at the Los Angeles premiere of The Proposal - 06/01/2009
Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic.com

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds stars in this romantic boss about a boss from hell with a desperate need for a green card.

Book editor Maggie is everyone's worst nightmare: ruthless, selfish, driven, and tactless. But when a problem with her Visa could potentially send her back to Canada and destroy her all-important career, she comes up with a solution on the spur of the moment: marry her much younger (but all-American) assistant. Unfortunately, the government is understandably suspicious, and so the two faux lovers must embark on a humiliating charade in order to make the marriage seem legitimate.

Three Good Reasons
  1. Sandra Bullock is back after a long absence from romantic comedy, lured by the delicious prospect of playing the bad girl.
  2. Ryan Reynolds, who continues to balance work in action movies (like Wolverine) with comedies, is a great pal of Bullock's in real life, giving the two a perfect rapport on screen.
  3. If you think you know sweet-natured senior Betty White, you might want to think again. Her role in this movie will have you falling out of your chair.
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