Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carrie Underwood - Country Music Singer

Carrie Underwood is a beautiful singer girl, she just release new album that is called as singing sensation from Carrie Underwood. She sing a country pop song, her album is sold with a special discount and will add with bonus of other her favorite album, movie and many others bonus offer. But actually I just hope will get her kiss bonus, he he he…

Carrie Underwood was born in Checotah, graduated of salutatorian high school on 2001. Underwood attended Northwestern State University, and she take a major of mass communication. She also enter a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. She also competed in numerous beauty pigeons at the University and have selected as Miss NSU-runnerup in 2004.

She have a talent on playing guitar and she also can play piano and yodel. Underwood prefer music pop and country but more prefer to sing a country song. She become a wonder woman who is favorite to be a winner on every music countest. On the last song on the night in the final two, Carrie spectacular performance of “Angle Brought me Here.” On May 5, 2005, she become the fourth winner of American Idol, beating southern rocker, Bo Bice, and she joint Clary Clarkson and Clay Aiken as the only contestant who have never been one of the bottom three singers during any weeks result.

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