Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jenny Cortez Sue for Rp. 1 billion

Ghost Hunters movie star, Jenny Cortez (23), feel embarrassed and felt disadvantaged of her hot photos circulated widely via internet. She doesn’t mind of publicly circulated her photographs; this beautiful model shot demanded to the producer and production house (PH) New Cita. She gave one week deadline to solve the problem of naked photos spread.

In fact, Jenny plans to sue New Cita on the case of Rp 1 billion. "I have submitted all of these issues to management and lawyers. I became the victim of a fad is not responsible. I reiterate, there is no advantage at all that I learned from this case," said Jenny met in Cawang – Jakarta.

She had submitted his lawyer to New Cita. Waterfall actors Bride reveals, the spread of the photographs on the internet made his mother, Mrs. Asih is sick.

In addition, it makes Jenny was afraid and ashamed to leave the house. "That's because the neighbors have started to wonder," he said.

According to Jenny, the next time he'll be more careful and start counting about a scene in a movie. "Yes, now I try to receive a variety of insults and allegations. In this case there are parts I was careless, until a results are like this," she said.

Responding to the problem, Alamsyah, producer and director of the New Cita, said the company had received from the Jenny demanded and also talked to parents Poppy Flower. Alamsyah will serve her demand and possible settlement of the case through the courts.

"Of course I will try to survive and seek to resolve this problem either, because I also have an apology and gave good serve by tracing those who have spread the pictures," she said. Only, it is objected to the intense of the parties demanding of Jenny compensation for Rp 1 billion.

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