Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cinta Lyric Song by Hetty Koes Endang

Hetty Koes Madewy, more well-known with the name of Hetty Koes Endang was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on 6 August of 1957. She is a senior actress music star in Indonesia. She marry with Dr. Yusuf Erwin Faisal with four children.

She well-known because of multi singer ability, she is a keroncong singer, pop singer also Sudanese song singer, a west Java traditional music. She has many talent to sing many kind of song, and have proven by several time become a winner on many music festival.

One of her song “Cinta” that is mean “Love”. The lyric of this song such as below:


Cinta lir ibarat kalangkang
Deukeut anggang bisa diatur ku urang
Cinta bisa ilang Jeung nembongan
Repok jodo sirna ahirna datang sorangan

Cinta manjangkeun carita
Cinta panjang lalakona
Cinta lir ibarat nu geulis
Gerak endah tinawur

Sewu mamanis Cinta perlu jalan anu luas
Sologoto kapakan Diancam putus
Cinta perlu pengorbanan
Cinta perlu kasadaran

Cinta datangna teu kaharti
Gandrung liwung mikarep nu kapiati
Cinta mantak anteng
Beurang peuting ngandak ngandak dunya asa nu sorangan

Cinta mangkak ligar endah
Cinta kembangna kanyaah

Look to the video and enjoy the song here:

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