Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ayu Ting Ting "Alamat Palsu"

This Melayu song become very famous recently, not because she is new comer on melayu song but she has already long time to sing melayu song. The song that make her become famous actually already published in 1997, but just now she become famous just because this some become prefer by community. Look at the statistic on the below picture that look rising drastically as exponential function by on this month.

Ayu Tingting have the real name “Ayu Rosmalina,” she was born in Depok, at 20 June 1992. Her height 160 cm and her weight is 45 kg now. She actually also have perform on other show like Sari Ayu Princess 2006, Depok Princess on 2006, and the Presenter of Kuiz at ANTV. Her song album such as Rekening Cinta, Goyang Sejati (ANTV), Dangdut Yoo (TPI), Kamera Ria (TVRI), Dangdut Pro (TVRI).

Here is the Lyric of this song: "Alamat Palsu"

Kemana Kemana Kemana
Kuharus Mencari Kemana
Kekasih Tercinta Tak Tahu Rimbanya

Dimana Dimana Dimana
Tinggalnya sekarang dimana
Kesana Kemari Membawa alamat
Namun yang kutemui bukan dirinya

Sayang yang kuterima alamat palsu
Kutanya sama teman teman semua
Tetapi mereka bilang tidak tahu
Sayang mungkin diriku sudah tertipu
Membuat aku frustasi dibuatnya

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