Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arrested After Published Sex Video

Chinese Girl is arrested after published her sex video. Pornographic posting sometime become interested to make our site more well-known but the problem that facing by this Chinese woman is not luck. After be an online sensation after posting a homemade pornographic film video of herself on the internet has been detained in Shanghai, she be arrested for publishing this sex video.

The duration of video about 12 minutes showed the woman with surname Huang, perform sex acting, from weekend edition without elaborating. This acting make this video become popular very fast on the mainland, with thousand people downloading this sex video last month.

This woman setup a blog, hope she can get profit from her notoriety and sell interviews with herself for up to 30,000 Yuan or about US $ 4,383 at time, as reported by the newspaper. Pornographic video is illegal in China and in many eastern countries, although this is widely available on pirated DVDs throughout the country and on the internet.

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