Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How a Girl Express Valentine’s Day

At first valentine day celebrated only in the Americas and Europe, but at this valentine day to day seems not to be missed, especially for those teenagers. However, lately it seems valentine day is also celebrated by the parents who continue to follow their habits when they are teenager.

This Valentine's Day among teens be mischaracterized, where they want to shed their affection with sex in this valentine day. This could have misunderstood the meaning of love, or deliberately distorted so that the meaning of love is a surge of lust.

Valentine's day in eastern countries it is still taboo, even though the teens like to sneak to celebrate this valentine day with their indulgence in lust. This has been evidenced by the increasingly widespread condom sales on the day before this valentine.

They follow the western culture that seems fun. Clearly, on this valentine day will be many girls who are not virgins anymore. If we have understood the meaning of love, should not have chimed in brutal style of bad young people.

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