Friday, March 30, 2012

Dawn Nicole

Dawn Nicole Biography:
Sr. Business Systems
 Analyst at Capital One
Went to Terry Parker High
Lives in Richmond, Virginia
Married to Jimmy Lee Thompson

She says:
I read this and was in shock....
I am re-posting to get your thoughts on this? From Cayenne Kelly:
"I feel indifferent about Trayvon Martin.
I mean, I'm desensitized to it. Excuse my French but niggas die in the hood everyday.
I'm used to this. I mean it's unfortunate that it happened...
But this happens all the time so it's hard for me to feel anything"

Words from a 26yr man born, raised, and living in Brooklyn.
The first perspective of this kind I've heard.

About Dawn
R&B Urban Jazzy Flow-Singer,Song writer, novelist, poet, lover of life! On some next level type. Pls Join the 'Dawn Nicole Fan Page'.

Who is Dawn Nicole?

Dawn Nicole is an excited journey of melodic vocals and lyrics that mentally & soulfully captivate you with her R&B-Soul edge!

Neo-Soul married ‘Hip-Hop Jazz’ and gave birth to this East Coast, ‘Honey- Sweet Soprano’, Soul Singer & Songwriter who guarantees to bring that brand new Flava you’ve been craving.

Her soultry style is riveting and leaves you immediately affected and wanting more! Best described as bebop meets acoustic soul with a hip hop twist, Dawn Nicole works hard to carefully perfect her brand.

When she is not working on a various artists project’s & collaborations, Dawn Nicole is working on her latest album entitled…“Outside your Inbox,” due out late this year or early next quarter.

This talented seasoned beauty is no stranger to the music business and is extremely excited about her latest and best work yet, “Outside your Inbox.” which is a cross between all of the ’Bounce of Hip-Hop,’ the passion of R&B and the Groove of Neo Soul, is a definite ‘eargasmic’ experience.

This perfectly sculpted body of work, “Outside your Inbox,” has some serious top of the line songs, such as… “Remember Me, Lady in Red, Custom Fitted” and so much more!

Her latest project, precedes her last album entitled “Voltage,” currently being distributed under the “Slam Jamz/ Super Natural Inc imprint,” a Chuck D label . While she is no longer signed with Slam Jamz/Super Natural Inc, several of her songs on “Voltage” struck a deal with…“Sony Greece,” such as “All Good” and “It’s On” and are currently in circulation overseas;

Formerly known as Koffee, Dawn Nicole arrived on the ‘Indie’ scene in Atlanta, GA, back in 2006, where she’d put out two indie albums entitled…“To whom it may concern” in 2007 and Miss Georgia in 2008.”

Both albums helped to create the buzz and did relatively well for the Indie Market. She would later follow up in 2009 with “Voltage” and is currently working on “Outside your Inbox” expected out very soon.

Dawn Nicole, can be found on I-tunes, CD Baby, iLike, Facebook, Myspace etc…

Currently residing in Richmond, VA by way of Atlanta, GA, She is now working with “Rail Street Recordings” on this latest project and also is in talks for a deal with major labels;

Below are some current links to Dawn Nicole’s music.

You might be asking yourself… “Why choose Dawn Nicole?” We challenge you to let her music speak for itself. This talented East Coast Beauty comes across with all the poise of a Magazine cover girl, yet all of the charm of the girl next door.

Dawn Nicole’s songwriting reels you in to poignant stories of love and life with twisted plots and then her miracle whip smooth-cool voice steals your heart like a thief in the night. Her music tracks, mostly hip-hop/Jazz in nature, seals the deal! She leaves you affected and brings back the essence of real music.

More info on Booking Dawn Nicole contact Rail Street Entertainment at 804-852-8504 or Urban Autumn 804-319-5764

September 2010- Two songs from “Voltage” picked up by “Sony” Greece
September 2010- Winner of SunTrust bank/ United Way National Talent Show
October 2009- Live Television Performance on Fox 5 in Atlanta, GA
September 2009- Metro Café Live Television Taping of Performance in Atlanta

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