Monday, October 21, 2013

Naughty Girl Become More and More

Why Naughty Girl Become more and more this time. There is term like this: Richer man make naughtier, but naughtier girl make richer. This condition always happens in all over the world and only believes in religion that can control it. The success man will be measured by wealth, power and women. More success the man more women he had.

The woman always knows this chance, and she will provide her beauty to get her fortune. Only woman that believe to her love will make her live or can make she enjoy the live. But adult woman normally think simple and she want her life easier, not facing many problem especially about her finance. On the normal life may be woman can do hard job but the result will not optimum, woman only get a half of man can do.

She feel cannot do much because of her strength limitations, so she will use her beauty in order can do everything impossible. She must use man to do all, but she doesn’t have any strength. She realizes that her strength is on her beauty if she can use her beauty she can do everything because she can use strong man to do it.

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