Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pamela Anderson Naked Dancing

Pamela Anderson Make surprises the Audience with Naked Dancing.

Eye of all direct audience bug see the show which is seldom happened, suddenly Pamela Anderson dance, not because of her super dancing but its body seen all naked. The audience being hypnotized sees Anderson dancing on the stage. Pamela Anderson realizes its promise to dance naked at affection day (Valentine’s Day). Erotic Dance of Pamela makes surprise the audience.

In fact, ex star Baywatch was not really naked. She use very thin black sock attenuate which patch tighten to her body. But, incoming audience to Paris Le Crazy Horse, just remain to be fascinated. Pamela bends the sexy body on the motorcycle.

"Pamela makes very surprise. She dances totally, audience witnessing to give the warm response," express the eyewitness which is written by Female First, Saturday (16/2/2008).

Celebrities with 40 year old come up twice in cabaret club to celebrate Valentine.
"I get a little contusion of practice moment above motor. But its okay, show of it very pleasant," say Pamela.

Pamela does that all not just for shake of money. There is something else more means than money.
"This is not just for shake of money. I do that because taking a fancy to art." She said.

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