Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pamela Anderson on Blonde and BlondeR

CANADA - Really beyond belief. Film stared by the Pamela Anderson entitle Blonde & BlondeR, finished just in nine days shutting and nowadays ready to launch.

Pamela confess unsure, making Blonde & BlondeR only need times just for nine days.

"I estimate will not as soon as this. I very surprised and never though that can finish it in nine days," She said to stage manager which also her brother, Jerry, like release by Female First, Monday (21/1/2008).

Pamela feel confidence, her new film will be successful in marketing especially release by DVD.

This ex star of Baywatch confesses, she accepts offer to play at in Blonde & BlondeR because shutting will do in Vancouver, Canada, with her brother becoming film stage manager, Jerry. And also partner to play, Denise Richards

"Very pleasant can come home to Vancouver and work with my brother. I think will a lot of easiness over there and we really feel it," wife of Rick Salomon said.

Meanwhile, up to now Pamela still do not understand that she can be plunged to acting world. As she think that she is just a lucky model.

"I have never pretended a actress. I only a which capable to come up better," she explicitly.

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