Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jenifer Lopez Fragrance and Lotion

Live Lux as Jenifer Lopez’s Fragrance and Lotion

Every famous star has a special fragrance that he or she uses to make a sense of their body from others. Appearance and style is very important for her availability, sometime this fragrance is a special order from the fragrance industry or home industry, and they more prefer order to special fragrance home industry.
To order this fragrance the fragrance maker usually will smell her or his body first before he can create a special formula that suit to her body. Oil that they created sometime reacts with her body odor this can cause the original smell of fragrance can change, for this reason the fragrance maker should create a very special formula and very specific for every artist.
Jenifer Lopez use Live Lux fragrance and lotion after the formula have customize to her body odors, the body odor also sometime can change especially if there is a disturbance on the emotion and health condition of somebody.
Live lux offer special formula for public you can see the offer below:
100ml (3.4fl oz) bottle of brand new Live Lux by Jennifer lopez along with a 200ml (6.7fl oz) bottle of the matching shimmer touch body lotion. It's all brand new never used, and a great price at that. If you are at all interested in this set, they can make an arrangement work for the both to the live lux maker. The price offer for this fragrance is about $ 50.00.

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