Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do It Well Lyric of Jenifer Lopez

Lopez and Anthony rushed Emme to Children's Hospital, where she underwent a battery of tests, including an MRI. "Luckily, in the end," Lopez said, "she turned out fine."
Shortly after the scare, the singer-actress joined forces with CHLA to form the Maribel Foundation to help provide pediatric medical services to the less fortunate.

"I started to wonder," Lopez said, "what if I couldn't afford a doctor or receive the medicines, the procedures?"

Lopez also debuted a new song last night, which she wrote for her twins. A recording of the ballad was played during a video highlighting the Foundation's work. In it Lopez sings, "Let's keep this time for us and make it last as long as we can. It's already going too fast." Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis, who was given this year's Courage to Care Award by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, sported a pink wig.

"We were at a news conference, and she pulled off this wig and on her head she had written 'Jamie Lee Curtis Rocks,'" the actress told me about her first meeting with the girl when she was 11. "That night I borrowed her wig and went to this event, where we raised millions of dollars for Children's Hospital Pittsburgh. After she died, I asked her mother if I could have her wig to carry her message."
After long time of her business take care the baby, at last Jenifer release their new album for song “Do It Well” the lyric as below:

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