Friday, May 1, 2009

Sites Free Download Music

To download music is sometime not legal for you, but some formal sites provides this facility, for example at the following sites:

Can get in

Available excitement software to share music and film with having million customer in the world, and has chatting facility with the owner. If you knows one songs, hence you will impinge the law if download those music.

Download Free on

“Bootleg” house, having track with mixed of tracks like Back vs Prodigy or Flat Eric vs Tone loc. Soulwax ask you asked to break the original audio file of after 24 hours to avoid copyrights issue

Download Free on

The complete source of India music. Most of existence band won’t to joint with a big label. Many of them also qualified. You can find many India song and download here if you like.

Music from

This is very exiting that this site have free download facility, that is not really clear if that facility just for increase that CD seller or just for promotion. You better to browse yourself sometime there is a new band promotion and free to download.

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