Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rebecca and Gigolo in Bali

The documentary film, directed by filmmakers from India and tells the world about prostitution in Kuta Beach - Bali, the Cowboys IN PARADISE, reap the pros and cons of the community. Balinese people own most of the objections to the existence of the film. They even dare to say if the players in the film is not a native Balinese. Asked about it, Rebecca, an artist who often spends time in Bali confess actually never met with a gigolo as told in the film.

"If I thought he made a documentary, he is no evidence, so what. If that was not allowed say bad to Bali Island, that is my Island. I think he's going to tell something different about Bali. There's another side that wants to be appointed in addition to tourism," explained Rebecca met while filming video clips of the two singles, My Fall, at Graha Bintaro, Tangerang.

However, it does not mean the existence of these documentaries, Rebecca finally felt anxious to go to Bali again.

"Do not worry. Yesterday I stay in Bali for two weeks and never hear that matter. Prostitution is there from the girls and guys, they should stop and find another job, but maybe there is only one gigolo in Bali Island. We do not know him? She is asserted.

And Rebecca confessed never met gigolo in Bali. "I do, I sternly face the problem, I've Never met anyone like that. Let's see, I said 'Ape-liat liat lu?'" Concluded Rebecca.

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