Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spread Video Ariel And Lunamaya

You can download this video freely on this internet but the originates of the stars can not believe yet. Ariel and Lunamaya Video have spread widely through email, internet, handphone and CD copy. The spreading itself is very fast and even can’t be stopped but the faster spread are free one.

Ariel is one of Top music group in Indonesia “Peterpan” pop music group that ever become booming in Indonesia last time. Lunamaya is top actress that more active on model and cinetron (cinema electronic) film on Television. Currently these stars don’t actively shown on the television show or on field show. Lunamaya also just can be seen on advertising star on television and don’t see play as cinetron star on television. Their show may become less interesting compare with free show on the television like Opera Van Java that always be seen by everybody. Peterpan music group also have long time don’t see to launch new album so that this music group seem don’t exist.

Currently they become a news headline on newspaper and television also on the Internet because of there is a spreading porno video of them. I don’t know what is the motive, or who is creating this video and what for they act like this but frankly speaking after this video spreading, their name is mention again and become lips talk of everyone.

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