Thursday, December 1, 2011

Syahrini And David Beckham

Signature at the Chest
Tonight Syahrini go watch a football game between the Indonesia national team against LA.Galaxy at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt signed by Beckham at the chest.

"I wear a tight white T-shirt plus sign by Beckham on the right chest. Signed at his private time party last night," she said when contacted via telephone detikhot.

"There's eagle pin on the left chest. Embroidery color gold eagle blinks on the back. Pin of red-white flag in the upper back. Wear Blue Jean Pants with Victoria Beckham brand and red high heels," she continued detailing his appearance.

Singer of 'I Choose You' was admitted very enthusiastic about watching the match. She fully supports the Indonesia national team that can win against LA. The Galaxy.

"I'm an all-out support for the Indonesia national team," she said excitedly.

Syahrini voice Very Cool
Welcome the soccer star David Beckham in Jakarta makes Syahrini much gossiped about. But not a few who also praised the owners 'crested equator' it.

One singer Sammy Simorangkir who argue Syahrini deserve chosen to welcome and accompany Beckham while in Jakarta. According to him, she had a pretty good value from a row of Indonesian artists.

"She's diva, cool voice, his songs are also really good," she says when met at the show 'Sparkling 44 of Indosat to Indonesia' at the JCC, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/12/2011) night.

Judging from that side, Sammy considers reasonable if Syahrini selected. Moreover, in terms of Syahrini fashion also not behind.

"Naturally, she also follows Victoria Beckham fashion," added Sammy.

Jambul Hair of Syahrini
The singer discussed Syahrini kept busy since her latest hair style called 'crested equator'. Because of the public favored, he admitted that he would defend it.

"Syahrini still wearing crested equator because it was so public attention. Because a lot of love," said the manager told detikhot Reindhy,

"She (Syahrini) itself is also said like the hair style. She has used several times," he continued again.

Indeed, the singer of 'I Choose You' it seem confident with that hair do. Although there are many people who make fun of 'crested equator', Syahrini seems not to bother.

while watching a football game between the Indonesian national team friendly against LA.Galaxy at the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Syahrini was showing off his topknot equator again.

Syahrini indeed famous artists to create new trends. Whether it's from the word phenomenal, ''alhamdullilah sesuatu banget ya' or through dressed as 'anti-storm lashes' and lastly, 'topknot equator'.

Furthermore, what else, Syahrini?

Stealing of View
Looks like David Beckham smitten by the beauty Syahrini. In a dinner singer 'I Choose You' and Beckham admitted he was surreptitiously view each other.

"I'm as Beckham always see eye-vision, eye contact. He saw to me and I too," said Syahrini.

Syahrini also claim to be happy can have dinner together with his idol's. According to the husband of Victoria Adams is a good personal and fun.

"I was happy to meet with her. She was friendly and nice person," he explained enthusiastically.

On that occasion admitted Syahrini pleased to be close to Beckham. To him, the LA Galaxy player said he was happy to be in Indonesia and liked the food.

"He said he loved being here and also like the same foods Indonesia," he said.

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