Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vidia Award of Indonesian Film Festival

Vidia Cup is a trophy award in Indonesia Film Festival which began in 1996. While conferring the other at Festival Film Indonesia is Citra Cup.

In this month, December 2011, Vidia trophy bestowal took place on RCTI. This is a series of artists who helped enliven the FFI Vidia Cup Award Night 2011 held in Studio 4, RCTI on Tuesday (6 / 11) night.
The complete list who get Vidia Trophy as follows:

  • Best Director
- Viva Westi (dumplings Ping Ping)

  • Best Original Story Writer
- Deddy Mizwar (Pensiunan Monkey)
  • Best Screenplay Writer
- Latitude Pramudya Ward (Bakpao Ping Ping)
  • Best Steering Videography
- Yudhi Datau in Mutiara Hitam (Black Pearl) Movie
  • Best Artistic Director
- Frans XS Faat in Film Bakpao Ping Ping
  • Best Photo Editor
- Hengky Christ in Film Si Doel Anak Pinggiran
  • Best Sound Stylists
- Ardi Aris Isnandar in Film Si Doel Anak Pinggiran
  • Best Music Stylists
- Areng Widodo in Sandal Butut Films
  • Best Main Actor
- Ringgo Agus Rahman (Mahasmara)
  • Best Main Actress
- Maudy Koenaedi (Si Doel Anak Pinggiran)
  • Best Supporting Actor
- Gunawan Sudrajat (Mengejar Cinta Olga)
  • Best Supporting Actress
- Neni Anggraeni (Bakpao Ping Ping)
  • Best Television Film
- Bakpao Ping Ping
  • Sutradara Terbaik
- Viva Westi (Bakpao Ping Ping)
  • Penulis Cerita Asli Terbaik
- Deddy Mizwar (Pensiunan Monyet)
  • Penulis Skenario Terbaik
- Lintang Pramudya Wardhani (Bakpao Ping Ping)
  • Pengarah Videografi Terbaik
- Yudhi Datau dalam Film Mutiara Hitam
  • Pengarah Artistik Terbaik
- Frans XS Faat dalam Film Bakpao Ping Ping
  • Penyunting Gambar Terbaik
- Hengky Christ dalam Film Si Doel Anak Pinggiran
  • Penata Suara Terbaik
- Ardi Aris Isnandar dalam Film Si Doel Anak Pinggiran

  • Penata Musik Terbaik
- Areng Widodo dalam Film Sandal Butut
  • Pemeran Utama Pria Terbaik
- Ringgo Agus Rahman (Mahasmara)
  • Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik
- Maudy Koenaedi (Si Doel Anak Pinggiran)
  • Pemeran Pendukung Pria Terbaik
- Gunawan Sudrajat (Mengejar Cinta Olga)
  • Pemeran Pendukung Wanita Terbaik
- Neni Anggraeni (Bakpao Ping Ping)
  • Film Televisi Terbaik
- "Bakpao Ping Ping"

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