Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coco Rocha And Doutzen Kroes

How lucky model who lived in the era of social media as it is now, such as Coco Rocha and Doutzen Kroes. They no longer rely on fashion magazines like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar to raise their name. Now they can do "personal management" by relying on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google Plus, or Instagram, to "report" their daily activities. They're going to tweet breakfast menu, post photos of behind the scenes photo shoot or fashion show, and "friends" with fans around the world.

Coco Rocha
Doutzen Kroes
"I'm aware that there are fans who are interested in what I say, not just the photos from my job," said model Coco Rocha, who regularly post personal or professional activities.

Rocha is not classified as a new model. But at the age of 23, he already has a fan base of more than 200,000 (Twitter followers), and 66,000friends (in a variety of social media and his blog)."Because I could speak, and was determined still have the voice, I feel like I have extended my career," she exclaimed.

Name known to give added value to the model, according to Sean Patterson, president of Wilhelmina modeling agency. With the disappearance of the era of supermodels, models that are now easily replaced by new faces. But social media to change the condition by giving the model a chance to explain who they are. "With the fan sites, blogs, and Facebook, you can follow a model and knows who he is,"said Patterson.

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