Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valia Rahma Pass Away

The presenter of FTV, Valia Rahma, pass away on Friday, January 13rd , because of motorcycle accident in Legian – Bali.

Valia is known as host of “Planet Remaja” (Teen Planet), died of a motorcycle accident that occurred on Thursday (5 / 1) with his younger brothers. Whe she is going into the hotel, about to enter the parking lot, there is a motor in the opposite direction against her. Perhaps because she is hitchhike, so she is not ready.

Post-accident Valia had survived, she is in a coma for nine days and had undergone brain surgery at the “Kasih Ibu” Hospital, Denpasar. However, God willing the other,due to bleeding in the brain and brain stem was damaged, Valia finally dies on Friday (13 / 1) at 17.00 pm.

After the last breath, rushed into RSAD Valia brought to Denpasar to Jakarta. His body arrived in Jakarta, Saturday (14 / 1) at 02.00 pm and 08.00 am is praying in the Mosque of Al-Ikhlas, Bintaro. Until finally, at 9:30 Valia laid in his last resting place Land TPU Tanah Kusir – Jakarta.

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