Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anang - Ashanty Wedding

Guests of the reception- wedding of Ashanty - Anang Hermansyah in Ballroom Shanri-La Hotel Jakarta, Sunday night (05/20/2012) will not go home empty-handed. They will receive a souvenir CD of new songs-Ashanty Anang entitled "I Choose You.” (Real: “Aku Memilihmu”). 

The single is already planned by Anang-Ashanty to be heard to the guests on their wedding reception. " Souvenir CD- launching of Ashanty Anang, who first performed at the reception, and can they (the guests) to take home," said the owner of the wedding organizer who handles the party, Rina Gunawan, when met at the Hotel Shangri-La, Jakarta.

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