Friday, May 25, 2012

Femen against Euro 2012

2Month of May 2012 alone, the women activists of FEMEN group based in Ukraine, which is widely known through them topless protest actions , at least two times to "further attacks" against their European Cup (Euro) in 2012. The first was on May 12 in Kiev, and most recently on Monday (21/5) and in Dnipropetrovsk.

In the second action, the activists were at least managed to embrace FEMEN (virtual control) of Euro trophy which is the center had been on display for viewing public. Both are, of course fruitful of the camera and the world media attention to their actions, which in essence against the mat Euro 2012 in Ukraine (and Poland) as it is considered inviting increasingly widespread practice of prostitution.

That's not "attack" was first FEMEN of Euro 2012, and certainly not be the last time. Just be prepared to watch more of their action. Because, FEMEN herself admitted, they were ready with a large number of other action agendas, in the coming weeks, ahead of and in the organization of Euro 2012, both in Ukraine and in Poland alone.

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