Monday, October 16, 2017

Avatar Film

Avatar film is a fiction film include on futuristic type of film, the condition is set in future the year of 2154. As on the film drawn that the Earth’s is inhabitants, having used up most of their natural resources through decades of living in excess, plan to use military force to conquer Pandora, a moon roughly the same size as Earth.

On the film tell that there are certain group of people called as Pandora, inhabited by a wise, peaceful, and respect to nature. These people are drawn with a blue skin called the Na’vi that rich of resources on their area on Earth.

As usual then there are an enemy that want to take their resources like on the real condition that already happened now, America attack to Iraq because Iraq have many resource of oil, something like that. The army sends a crew to attack Na’vi use by guns, bombs, and other sophisticated weaponry. There are no special story on this film as usual then there are a group of people that sympathize to Na’vi after becoming acquainted with them and their customs, one of the human controlled avatars becomes a turncoat and helps lead the people of Pandora in defense their homeland.

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