Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jenifer Lopes After Gave Birth

Jenifer Lopes, after gave birth she become looking for her suitable activity. Currently she more bussy than before, beside take care a twin baby, she also must take care for her husband. Lopes have became a mother, a normal woman like others. Take care of house hold become a house wife. The different, she have many celebrities relation, she have a big name and people believe to her performance on music, so now she have a course for celebrities.

New mother of twins baby, Jennifer Lopez has decided to do a triathlon this Fall. She is working with celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson to get ready for her bike, swim, and run against time. OK Magazine got the scoop from Gunnar — here are highlights:

"The workouts change daily, depending on the day, the time and the freedom," he says. "She's going to get it done because she wants to."

But don't think the workout regime takes time away from her and Marc Anthony's new twins, Max and Emme, 5 months. Having juggled multiple careers and business ventures in her life, the actress has everything "in check," Gunnar says, and would never prioritize something else over her children.

"She may be the most efficient multitasker I know. She literally has every aspect of her life in check," he says. "She doesn't have a nanny, a chef or a nutritionist. She makes time for the kids. Family comes first."

She and her husband very busy to carry the baby, Lopes now can't bring the baby by herself she need Anthony's to her baby.

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